This innovative thermal battery would also be able to produce electricity overnight

Storage has long been an obstacle to renewable energy, but this innovative thermal battery that is also being developed is able to produce electricity overnight.

This thermal battery is part of the system concentrated solar energy (CSP) developed by United Sun Systems, which requires a battery to store and release energy to allow the generation of solar energy without interruption.

Concentrated solar energy

The battery uses a high temperature metal hydride or metal carbonate, which at night is released from the gas storage vessel and absorbed by the metal at a higher temperature to form a metal hydride / metal carbonate, which produces the heat used to generate electricity.

The project aims to develop a solar energy system that produces electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is commercially viable for the industry.

The research aims to develop a new technology to integrate the storage of thermochemical energy through a thermal battery in a system of Stirling plate, that is, a parabolic plate solar system, a concave parabolic mirror (the plate) that concentrates sunlight; The mirror has a two-axis tracking system and must be able to follow the sun with a high degree of accuracy to achieve high efficiencies. The parabolic dish systems called of Stirling plate, can be used to generate electricity in kilowatt range. The heat absorbed drives a Stirling engine, which converts heat into kinetic energy and drives an electric generator.

If a thermal battery can be combined with a Stirling concentrated solar energy system (DS-CSP), the possibility of companies moving away from fossil fuels would be much more viable. A Stirling plate system can provide up to 46 kW of power and is ideal for boosting remote industries that require a lot of energy, such as mines.

Video: The battery that could make mass solar and wind power viable. Dispatch (March 2020).