Eat stone and excrete sand. This is what this new science fiction worm does

As if he was just out of a science fiction novel set in Arrakis or in a fantasy world of the kind The endless story, this new species of shipworm (or jokes) discovered in a river in the Philippines bases its diet on eating limestone instead of wood, as is usual in this kind of bivalves ... and then excrete sand.

The finding has been described in a study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

He didn't evolve from his relatives jokes

The worms are small, about 150 millimeters long. They are also white and resemble worms more than other mollusks. It did not evolve from its relatives that eat wood, but they probably separated from them a long time ago.

Details of rocks affected by mollusk that is now described for the first time.

The ship worm is a bivalve described and baptized by Carl von Linnaeus in 1758. The adult colonizes the submerged woods: hulls of ships, ships, piles, poles, trees, logs ... creating a 30 cm gallery where he will spend the rest of his life. It feeds on the crumbling wood, but it nourishes mainly, like most bivalves, filtering the water that circulates in your body through the siphon located at the rear end of your body.

Unlike this one, the new worm that eats rocks does not seem to do so to obtain nutrients of any kind: it is suspected that they satisfy their nutritional needs thanks to the bacteria that live in their gills,Although they have not ruled out the possibility of food entering their siphon.

So far the first details of the physical-chemical process of the digestion process. Probably, symbiotic bacteria that live in the bodies of typical shipworms help break down ingested wood into usable sugars.

The new creature has been baptized how Lithoredo abatanica, referring to the river in which the discovery occurred.

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