2 billion climate refugees due to rising sea

By the end of the 21st century, there could be 2 billion climate refugees as a result of sea rising due to global warming.

This is what a Cornell University research suggests.

Rising sea levels

As explained by the lead author Charles Geisler, Professor Emeritus of Sociology of Development at Cornell.

We will have more people on less land and sooner than we think. The future increase in the average level of the world sea will probably not be gradual.

By 2060, around 1.4 billion people could be refugees due to climate change. By 2100, more than 2,000 million. In the United States and elsewhere, this could mean the sale of public lands for human settlement.

The International Organization for Migration proposes the following definition for environmental immigrants:

Environmental Migrants are people or groups of people who, for compelling reasons of sudden or progressive changes in the environment that negatively affect life or living conditions, are forced to leave their usual homes, or decide to do so, either temporarily or permanently, and they move either within their country or abroad.

Video: Rising Seas Could Generate 187 Million Climate Refugees by 2100 (April 2020).