In the ISS an unknown bacterium has been identified

He probably traveled from Earth to space, where he mutated, and has finally been seen in a filter of the laboratory cleaning system of the orbital platform of the International Space Station (ISS): It is an unknown bacteria, the first that is identified outside our planet.

NASA has decided to baptize this new body as "Solibacillus kalamii", in homage to the Indian president Abdul Kalam, who died in July 2007, who stood out for his involvement in space research.

Terrestrial or extraterrestrial?

From what is believed, the agency would have remained on board the ISS for 40 months, between January 2008 and May 2011. The NASA laboratory suspects that the bacteria traveled from Earth to the station with one of the charges, Y it is unlikely that its origin is extraterrestrial.

In any case, the bacteria is interesting because it has not been affected by ultraviolet radiation and temperatures between -20 and -40 ° C in space, and because he lives 400 kilometers from Earth.

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