The astronauts who traveled to the Moon in Apollo 11 wrote these graffiti

Graffiti is not limited to the walls of large cities, almost always appealing to absurd nicknames or lapidary phrases of doubtful taste. They were also found inside Apollo 11, created by astronauts who traveled to the moon, in July 1969.

The Smithsonian Museum of the United States made available to the public a 3D scan of the ship's command module, the Columbi, as we have already announced, and thanks to this they have discovered these graffiti. This is what they put:

Numbers and information provided by the control center in Houston, written on walls or panels of the ship, for example. There is also a calendar written by hand by one of the astronauts, in which they appear crossed out every day except July 24, when the astronauts landed in the Pacific Ocean. ANDn this image you can read the warning about "Smelly waste" (smelly waste) and, top right, the calendar.

In this panel you can see numbers and other notes copied during the transmissions from the control center, with pencil or pen. Several of the module compartments had tags to identify their content, such as the R5 Locker, designed to store auxiliary equipment.

But the most important inscription is not part of those recently discovered. Made her Michael collins in Columbia after having landed: "Spacecraft 107, aka Apollo 11, aka Columbia. The best ship ever built. God bless you. Michael Collins, CMP":

Video: Smithsonian Offers Virtual Look Inside Apollo 11 (April 2020).