This is how sex sounds if it becomes "music"

When the experimental artist Rory Viner and your partner practice sex, listen in real time to the sounds they produce, so a feedback between coitus and the waves through which the following "musical" compositions are achieved, the work agglutinated Sex, sensors and sound. The expansion of internal geographies.

Do not imagine the noise of the bed springs, or the syncopated pounding of the headboard against the wall. These sounds are achieved by placing on the body of the lovers various piezoelectric sensors which, during the sexual act, activate previously assigned chords. Afterwards, the sound records pass in MIDI format to a synthesizer that converts them into "music" (if it can be called that).

You can listen to one of the pieces up here. Own Viner He explains his milestone:

I had previously thought that this feedback loop would create greater sympathy or connection feelings, but the experience was quite different. Instead of collapsing the distance, in fact, a distance was created that interfered with the emotional immediacy of the moment, creating a kind of depersonalized effect.

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