Google's 50 million dollars for those who investigate how to end heart disease

The cardiovascular diseases They kill more people on Earth than anything else. These diseases caused almost 17.5 million deaths in 2012; that is, 3 out of 10. Of these, 7.4 million were attributed to ischemic heart disease, and 6.7 million, to strokes.

Now, Google and the American Heart Association aim to change that by investing 50 million dollars of financing to combat the problem to the company that provides the best approach for it. It is the largest amount of money in the history allocated for conducting an investigation.

These days, researchers traditionally rely on federal grants to get funding for their studies, and the frustration in the process is well documented. Many of these subsidies are in the range of $ 250,000.

A recent article in The New York Times it details how, in particular, there are often no studies published in the area of ​​heart disease because the results, not very significant, they are obtained from very small studies. The problem is that you can't do more with so little money.

Google Life Sciences

Therefore Google Life Sciences opt for 50 million (half of the financing capital will be provided by the Association of the Heart, during a set period of 5 years). Whoever wants to opt for these 50 million, should get his idea to occupy a single page. And Google will not take a financial or intellectual property share in the results. Traditional research has generated only greater improvement in the treatment of heart disease. Google aspires to cure it forever.

The Google team in addition to capital, will bring innovative devices, capable of monitoring and analyzing large amounts of data, among them we find contact lenses capable of monitoring the level of blood glucose, or a wristband that records vital signs, among others.

The next day of Valentine's Day, the Google group and the Heart Association will choose the project leader, as they have commented, it could be anyone regardless of their training or experience, since the ideas and skills that the person can contribute will be valued.

At a time when politicians and citizens are considering their relationship with health insurance and the health system in general, the appeal of a cure, or even a more effective treatment, could not be more relevant. Let's pray to San Google.