If you have a full bladder, you can lie better

Lying is relatively easy, but they can also catch us in lies, as there are some external signs that expose them. One solution to be more convincing with our lies is to feel like going to the bathroom, retaining our desire to dislodge urine from our bladder.

At least it is what he suggests Iris Blandón-Gitlin and his colleagues from the California State University.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers submitted a group of volunteers to a questionnaire on controversial social or moral issues. Next, they divided the group into two, and 45 minutes before interviewing each group, they made them drink 700ml of water to one and 50ml to another.

Each participant had to lie on two topics on which they had a very definite opinion, and those with the fullest bladder did better. Apparently, this result is consistent with the so-called "contagion of the inhibitory effect" theory, in which the benefits of self-control in one area extend to others, if both actions occur simultaneously. According Blandón-Gitlin:

Activities that require self-control are subjectively different, but not in the brain. They do not have a specific domain. When you activate the inhibitory control network in a domain, the benefits extend to other tasks.

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