The advantage of being sarcastic: greater creativity

Always having a replica of the House or the Stewie, a sarcastic way of interpreting the world, is not always well received by our interlocutors (although House has many fans, but in the distance). But nevertheless, The sarcarmo seems to open the door of creativity. And it also improves cognitive processes of both the sarcastic and the one who receives the sarcasm.

It is what at least suggests a study of the Harvard business school, whose research has been published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

To carry out the study, the researchers had the participation of 300 people whose creativity was tested by performing various tasks after saying or hearing comments of a sarcastic nature. The results revealed that those people who expressed sarcastic comments (as well as those who received them) were triple creative than the control group. According Li Huang, co-author of the study:

We have found that sarcasm can stimulate creativity, the generation of ideas, solutions, ideas or problems that are new and useful. As Oscar Wilde believed, sarcasm may represent a lower form of ingenuity, but it seemed to us that it certainly channels a higher form of thought.