The dangerous substance called dihydrogen monoxide can drown you when you least expect it

The modh or dhmo, also called hydroxide monoxide, is a dangerous substance capable of eroding materials that, in addition, has a remarkable facility when drowning human beings. We must exercise safety when we handle it, and especially if we decide to drink it. Dihydrogen monoxide, in its favor, also excellent in preventing infections. Most people know it as "water."

This alarm created around a common substance that begins to be called in an unknown way was a hoax lavished by Eric Lechner, Lars Norpchen Y Matthew Kaufman, companions of the University of California in Santa Cruz, back in 1989, to show to what extent the general public does not know the scientific matter and how it can be alarmed against the most common phenomena.

This hoax, especially broadcast online, was reviewed by Craig Jackson in 1994, and reached the zenith of public attention in 1997, when Nathan Zohner, a fourteen-year-old student, gathered requests to ban him, as a project of a "science fair", which he titled "How gullible are we?".

Of the fifty people who attended the student, 43 signed the petition, six had doubts and only one refused to absolutely agree with the existence of the molecule.