The Shuttle launch pad in Lego

Following the scientific line with which Lego that already seduced us with the collection of women scientists, now its open ideas laboratory has proposed the creation of the 39A complex of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. If they reach 10,000 supports, the figure could enter the Lego catalog.

Lego is committed to collaboration, without crushing intellectual property, so that ideas from normal people come true if they receive the necessary support, as explained Chris Anderson in his book Makers: "That is why Lego usually turns a blind eye to the swarm of companies created around its followers, as long as they do not violate the Lego trademark and take precautions to keep pointy or easy-to-swallow toys away from small children."You can read more about it in The Father who manufactured weapons for his son's Lego.

Official Site | Lego Ideas

Video: LEGO System Shuttle Launch Pad from 1995! set 6339 (April 2020).