Catalan scientists dance to raise funds to investigate

The thing is so bad on the subject of research in Spain that a group of Catalan scientists have decided to take the reins, de-dramatize the research, achieve virality ... in short, send the message to more and more people that without scientific research there is no future. Thus, more than one hundred researchers from the Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) are looking for money to deal with their research, with key challenges such as cancer or Alzheimer's, at the rate of 'Safe and Sound' of the Capital Cities group.

In addition to achieving virality, the initiative also intends to cover research through micromanagement. With each 'click' or viewed on YouTube, the IRB receives a donation for its investigation, donation paid by two main sponsors, the financial institution Banco Sabadell and the pharmaceutical company Sanofi. Two other forms of collaboration have also been arranged, one is to avoid SMS messages (by sending IRBBARCELONA to 28014) through which the center will receive a full donation of 1.20 euros for research. The second way is through the IRB website, where you can make timely and regular donations.

Official Site | IRB

Video: Scientists at IRB Barcelona dance for cancer, Alzheimers and diabetes research (April 2020).