The National Library collaborates with Wikipedia

The Wikipedia edition is not just a matter of anonymous people who write in their free time. There are true intellectuals completely devoted to the cause, some institute classes devote a semester to the edition or improvement of Wikipedia articles, and now even the National Library of Madrid It has brought together more than one hundred people in the first Wikipedia Editatón about the Spanish language, an event in which volunteers published articles related to Spanish and the authors who have been awarded the Cervantes Prize. For eight hours, the 114 participants, both face-to-face and virtual, contributed to increasing Wikipedia's quality content on Spanish culture and language.

Currently, Wikipedia has more than two million articles in English; the Encyclopedia Britannica, 80,000. If we add the Wikipedia articles in all their languages ​​(these include Esperanto, Kurdish, Twi and so on until reaching almost 300 languages, although the Klingon was eliminated because it was considered an "invented" language), the figure amounts to more than 11,000,000 . More than all paper encyclopedias together.

Video: German National Library of Science and Technology. Wikipedia audio article (April 2020).