Five weight loss tricks that use your reputation as an incentive

Reputation is a powerful weapon.. It is what promotes our altruistic behavior, cooperation, the investment of time and effort in emperifollarnos (and therefore develop the economy of conspicuous consumption).

Reputation is also a powerful incentive to get in shape or lose the extra kilos, because the ugly or unpleasant according to the current canons always have it more crude. Thanks to technology, the reputation factor can be increased to become something like that like the eye of Big Brother who watches everything. And then reputation becomes our best ally.

Then, five tools that mix technology and reputation so that, in our laziest days, we move our asses:

1. Social photographs

The most effective way for others to criticize if you have lost weight or gained weight, without relying solely on your grandmother's opinion at Christmas, are photo posting services, to hang photos of the "before" and "after", such as Evernote or Flickr.

2. Personal Wiki

Using a free PBworks page, a simple Wiki like Wikipedia, you can make all your followers receive a warning when you update your weight. As if everyone was with you in the bathroom when you decide to get on the scale. By the way, there are also scales that connect to the Internet and they can tweet or facebookear your weight.

3. Routines

The most difficult thing when embarking on a diet is adopting the habit of following it, of not giving up after a week. An effective tool for implementing habits is Habit Forge, an email control tool for introduce new habits in your daily routine. Once you have selected what habit to implement, Habit Forge sends you emails for 21 days in a row. If you do not comply, the message cycle will restart.

4. Teasing

The teasing and disdain of your friends can be like the alarm clock bell of Rocky, just before half a dozen raw eggs. That is what stickK works for, founded by Dean Karlan, professor of economics at Yale. If you don't fulfill your commitment to sticK, it automatically informs your friends.

5. Harassment

One of the best business models for gyms recently opened in the United States: going is completely free, but every time you miss, regardless of the excuse wielded, you will pay a penalty. Those who hurt in their soul lose a few euros a day, they will probably be quick to sign.

It is what he proposes on-line BodySpace or Daily Burn, communities with hundreds of thousands of members who follow the results of your diets and exercise regimes. They will serve you to account, to receive encouragement, or even to harass you when you need it.

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