[Video] Spanish archaeologists found in Luxor a children's grave 3,550 years ago

The discovery of a child's coffin about 3,550 years ago near the city of Luxor can shed light on that little-known period of Ancient Egypt, according to the head of the Spanish team that has discovered it, José Manuel Galán.

Placed on the ground without protection, the coffin appeared a few days ago intact before the eyes of experts, who for three years have explored the surroundings of the tombs of Djehuty and Hery, two senior dignitaries of the Egyptian court between 1500 and 1450 BC

The archaeologists showed their strangeness to discover in this place this piece of the late seventeenth dynasty and before the time of Hery. Unlike other coffins, was not in the tombs of the hill that dominates that area of ​​the western bank of Luxor, said Galán, interested in finding now the remains of the child's parents.